The VIP Day

The VIP Day was designed with your schedule in mind - we know how quickly time can get away from us, and how our to-do list can just keep getting longer and longer.

With a VIP Day...

You get access to Laney, our Brand + Web Designer, for a full 8 hour day - and get to use that time to check off those to-do's.

VIP Days get priority access to Laney - so your VIP Day is dedicated solely to your project - allowing you to skip the wait time for a full design project.

some examples of what we can accomplish:

  • semi custom website design
  • brand essentials (logo, color palette, font selection)
  • website content or design updates
  • brand collateral design


How it Works, and What to Expect:

VIP Days are a special kind of project, and are best fit for those who are prepared, thorough, and eager. If you're someone who often finds yourself running tardy, has trouble making decisions, or prefers to "sleep on it", VIP Days are not for you.

VIP Day Prep



Depending on the agreed-upon deliverables, you'll need to gather all content and materials Laney will need, one week prior to your VIP Day. These materials can include:
  • images
  • website copy
  • brand files
  • links
  • etc.
If the content is not delivered one week prior to your VIP Day, your Day will have to be rescheduled.
On your VIP Day, you'll have a 30 minute call with Laney to review her tasks for the day, and clarify any last minute questions. Throughout the VIP Day, you must be available via text or email for edits and approvals. 
Upon completion of your tasks, you'll have a final 30 minute review call with Laney so she can walk you through what was completed, and handover all files/deliverables. By the end of the day, you could have a brand new website, brand, or overhaul of your existing website!


The best part of VIP Days? The investment. 

A full VIP Day Investment: $1795
A Half-Day Investment: $990

We know, sounds too good to be true. But we stand by our process, and know how valuable a VIP Day can be for you.

We only book two VIP Days/month to protect our client timelines, so send us a message if this sounds like something you need!