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We know how powerful design is for your business - and when it's paired with brand photography, social media strategy, and copywriting...girl.

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Years before she even founded Brightlane Studio, Laney dreamed of the ultimate working-girl-gang, a group of like-minded, multi-passionate women who believe that work can be (and should be!!!) play, and that truly anything is possible.

Each member of the Brightlane team is a powerhouse in her own way - and we are beyond excited to be able to collaborate with each other, on your creative project. 

meet the team


If you're dreaming of less:

and yearning for more:

- website shame (the whole "oh yea, I just put my website together on Godaddy myself like.. three years ago... you can find me on instagram though!")
- misalignment with your own business and brand
- blank stares at your content calendar, wondering if you're even seeing results from your efforts
- stock photos that everyone else in your industry is using

- brand confidence and alignment
- cohesion and luxury in your client experience
- customized support and an aesthetic that works - beyond just looking pretty
- TIME gained back by outsourcing tasks you don't have time to learn


Our style is:

- feminine
- elevated
- artful
- intentional

if any of these sound like you,

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- focusing on and prioritizing your client experience
- standing out and setting the standard in your industry - not blending in
- taking  the time to do the job right

Some of our dream clients are:

- florists
- women's clothing brands
- artists
- makers and artisans
- wedding venues
- jewelry designers
- bakeries
- bloggers and creators

and we really vibe with: